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Queue lets you create a fully editable, realtime playlist of your music with seamless crossfading between songs.

Insert, re-order and remove songs as your queue (playlist) is playing - no interruptions to your music and no need to press any save buttons.

Queue is perfect for your next party. You have the flexibility of creating the whole queue before the party and tweaking it as you go, or building the whole queue on the go. Queue is also designed for driving and running.

Skipping to another song midway through a song sounds bad. Use the Fade Into to seamlessly crossfade the now playing song into any other song.

Queue has a gesture-friendly interface. Pinch songs apart to insert songs between them. Swipe on a song to see more controls. Tap, hold and drag songs to re-order them. The UI is optimised for iOS 7 - the focus is entirely on your queue.

Queue works with AirPlay.

Note: Due to restrictions in iOS, Queue cannot play songs which have DRM (Digital Rights Management) or those stored only in the cloud (if they are downloaded onto device, they'll work). Queue Support